Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tectonic Plate Update

With Rendell and Casey leading the way, with turnout higher than expected, the question remains what trickle down effect will it have for other Democratic candidates?
Well, it's early, but I do feel some trickle.

Let's look at the congressional races.
In PA7 in Delco, Joe Sestak has handily defeated Incumbent Rep. Curt Weldon:
Latest AP results:
TP PR Sestak Weldon
Chester 44 0 0 0
Delaware 355 197 53,976 42,934
Montgmry 48 25 10,420 6,379

Totals 447 222 64,396 49,313

In PA6, there is a surprise in early returns: Lois Murphy is ahead of Jim Gerlach in Berks County, the most conservative part of the district. No returns, though, for Chester County, which is Gerlach's base.
The latest AP results:
TP PR Murphy Gerlach
Berks 106 25 8,963 8,418
Chester 126 0 0 0
Lehigh 1 0 0 0
Montgmry 101 17 5,778 4,152
Totals 334 42 14,741 12,570

In PA7, another surprise. Pat Murphy holds a narrow lead over incumbent Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick in early returns. This was the seat most pundits (including me) gave to Fitzpatrick.

Patrick Murphy, Dem 42,586 - 51 percent
Michael Fitzpatrick, GOP (i) 40,380 - 49 percent

In PA10, Don Sherwood is going down, down, down:
The latest AP results:
355 of 530 precincts - 67 percent
Christopher Carney, Dem 65,154 - 55 percent
Don Sherwood, GOP (i) 54,091 - 45 percent


Blogger David said...

I said it on your blog in July: the political realignment in PA that Rendell started when he was first elected, with se pa suburban women and progressive voters, is essentially what dominates PA politics statewide. There was no way that Swann could penetrate that, and Santorum represented antithetical views to what the Rendell voter stands for.

I go back to Specter's reelection comments about the need for moderates in politics. He's right. He succeeds because he deals with local politics before dealing with national issues.

Then Santorum's comments at his concession bear noting when he said he wanted to deal with things he had been writing about, etc. That's where his heart always has been, but it does not represent PA statewide values. So, as I said before, the Club for Growth ought to get ready for Rick's resume...unless he already has a room reserved on K Street.

11:45 PM  

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