Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Rendell Landslide

Network exit polls indicated Gov. Ed Rendell will murderlize Republican Lynn Swann.
If the early projections carry through, Rendell could end up with a 700,000-vote margin over his GOP challenger.
The CBS poll carries no head-to-head numbers as of yet, but a look at the interior numbers hint at the dimensions of the Rendell victory.
The key -- as always -- is in the Philadelphia region, where Rendell is projected to win Philadelphia by a margin of 86%-12% and in the Philly suburbs, where is is projected to win by 69%-30%.
The strong Rendell-Casey showing in this area could spell very bad news for Republican incumbents lower on the ticket. But it is too early to say that for sure.

For the record, according to the exit poll:
Rendell has a comfortable lead in every area of the state, except for the Republican "T" that runs up central Pa. and across the state's northern tier. Swann is winning this area 54%-45%.

But Rendell is way ahead among women voters, who favor him 63%-32% for Swann. He leads among all income groups, among labor union members. He appears to be getting 21% of the Republican vote and 68% of the Independent vote.
The only sub-group carried by Swann in these early exit polls are evangelicals, who favor the Republican 60?-40%

Again, no actual returns, but the exit polls show Rendell a big winner.


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