Friday, September 15, 2006

Questions & Answers

Some questions & answers ripped from today's headlines.

Question: Was Hooter's closed? Answer

Question: What's more bloated that the state bureaucracy? Answer

Question: Who is getting a leg up in the state's first "I'm more Catholic that you" competition? Answer

Question: Can you find the line that will come back to haunt the Santorum campaign? Hint: It's at the end of the story. Answer

Question: Gee, do you think the Supreme Court ruling on the pay grab will at last quiet the antis? Answer

Question: Do they have more time to volunteer because they're stay-at-home moms? Answer

Question: No matter what the problem, what's the answer? Answer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More fun with the Santorum hypocrisy machine:.

A Big Fat Slob, posting anonymously because Google has screwed up with Blogger Beta – DON’T CONVERT!!!

12:13 PM  

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