Thursday, September 14, 2006

This Just In....

The Supreme Court rules on the pay grab.
The court said that it was legal for the legislature to repeal the pay increase it passed, except for one provision. It violated the constitutional separation of powers by repealing it for....guess who? You got it.
For judges.
Ergo, the court rules, all judges must get the pay increase originally granted them in the law.
Here is a link to the 100-page opinion by Justice Ron Castille.
Castille said repealing the pay raise law was "clearly, palpably and plainly unconstitutional to the extent that it diminished judicial compensation."
Whatever you say, Ron.
Supreme Court associate justices' salaries will increase from $155,783 to about $171,000 as a result of the ruling. Pay of common pleas judges will increase from $135,293 to about $149,000..
Question: Is there anyone in the political establishment in Pennsylvania surprised that he Supremes ruled that judges get to keep the payraise, while all other elected and appointed officials included in the bill did not? Please raise you hands.
Here is an AP summary of the ruling.


Blogger Dave Ralis said...


Now we have to chuck all the judges out too. To read my take on the whole mess, click here.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Bill said...

Yeah. Chuck them out. For actually ruling on the LAW. To hell with the PA Constitution, the mobs of Daily News Kool Aid drinkers want their pound of flesh.

2:56 PM  

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