Monday, September 11, 2006

New & Recommended

For Monday, Sept. 10th:

The Boy Mayor
The Post-Gazette offers a day in the life of Pittsburgh's new mayor, Luke Ravenstahl.
The 26-year-old former City Council President is (wisely) still keeping a low profile.

Up & Running
The Pat-news notes that Lynn Swann is up with his first TV ads in several markets, though not in central Pa. Why? When you don't have much money you must target your buys.

Hot sauce vs. Mayo
Jim O'Toole of the The Post-Gazette weighs in with a Bob Casey profile and Carrie Budoff and Tom Fitzgerald do a piece in The Inquirer on Casey's personality, or lack thereof. Both pieces wonder outloud if Casey can win solely by being the anti-Santorum.


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