Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Stevens Lane Postscript

When I started writing about this incident, I didn't know it would inflate into something akin to the Seven-Year's War.

But, here is a excerpt of an interview Rick Santorum did today on KDKA-AM radio about the "stalking" of his house.

It's kind of confusing, unless you have followed the story in detail.

It basically involves the KDKA host Marty Griffin badgering Santorum about his radio ad, where he accused the Casey campaign of spying on his Penn Hills house. Griffin keeps saying that the ad is wrong because it quotes KDKA as saying there was trespassing.

Santorum concedes a few points, then announces at the end that his is pulling the ad.

By the way, judging from this tape only, you'd think Santorum was running against Ed Vecchio, not Bob Casey.


Anonymous phillydem said...

Rick's polls must be showing the ad was doing more harm than good. Can't imagine any other real reason he's pull it.

6:42 PM  

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