Monday, May 22, 2006

Questions & Answers

Another current events quiz.
See how many you can get right.

Question: Guess who is climbing on the anti-pay grab train? (Better late than never). Answer

Question: Who just decided that home is where the heart is? Answer

Question: Who may have to worry about some softening of his base? Answer

Question: Why does the defeat of so many Republicans in the primary hurt Ed Rendell? Answer


Anonymous said...

RE your last question and answer

I am still not sure that last Tuesday's election hurt Rendall. The pay issue was a non starter in the South and North east and as the Kerry victory in PA showed, there are enough votes there to trump the rest of the state.

Further, Swann may try to hang the pay raise on him but he is the Governor and not a legislator. The more Swann pushes the pay raise issue and remains front burner in the state, the more dangerous to the GOP control of the legislalture as there are still a large number of GOP ecumbants at risk, if those who voted against them because of the pay raise, either stay home or pull a Democratic lever in protest. (pull a lever, I mean push a buttom).

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