Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Metaphorical Journey

It's the day after the day after the election. Time to take a metaphorical journey across the political landscape.

We begin with a stop in Limbo, where we find six incumbents, miserably awaiting their fate. (It doesn't look good for them.)

Meanwhile, an earthquake swallows up more than a dozen lawmakers. Or was it a tidal wave? It depends on whom you ask.

Even the survivors are boding poorly, though I myself have never boded. (In this piece, Pat Toomey vies for the title of the Yoda of Spin.)

The legislature is on the table, getting a new blood infusion -- and, boy, does it hurt. The question remains: when it rises from said table, will it toddle towards reform or make a giant leap? My money is on toddle.

In the Senate, they are heading into uncharted territory -- and beginning a fight over leadership, even though the bodies of the earthquake victims are not cold. (P.S. The late Al Benedict often referred to it as "unchartered territory.")

Meanwhile, storm clouds gather over Rick Santorum, while Ed Rendell gets on a bus, smiling as usual.

What does it all mean?

Here I quote the immortal state Rep. Joe Zeller, who once warned his fellow members:

"If we dig deeply enough into this can of worms, we're going to find a real hornets nest!"

The journey is just beginning.


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