Thursday, May 25, 2006

Stevens Lane, Cont'd

New and recommended:

A column in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Brian O'Neill, where he reminds us how Santorum used the residency issue against U.S. Rep. Doug Walgren in 1990.

An excerpt, where O'Neill quotes an article from the time:

Mr. Santorum said Mr. Walgren did not live in his district, and pledged "my primary residence will be in suburban Pittsburgh -- unlike the incumbent, who lives full-time in Virginia and maintains no residence in Allegheny County.''

And a telling and prophetic quote from Walgren, also from 1990:

"I can guarantee you that if Mr. Santorum is elected to the House of Representatives, and if he has children, he will bring those children to Washington and he will stay with those children in Washington during the week. Because if he doesn't, he will never see them.''


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