Thursday, May 11, 2006

Spin City

Here are the first entries in my Lexicon of Spin.

These are quotes you are likely to hear this time of year, from campaign managers, candidates, media consultants, etc.

I offer the question, the quote and (in italics) the translation.

When asked about the latest poll results:
Quote: "We're right where we want to be at this point in the polls."
Translation: We're 15 points down and sinking fast!

When asked about the latest poll results II:
Quote: "The only poll that counts is the one on Election Day"
Translation: We're 20 points down and we don't have a prayer.

When asked why their opponent is up on TV and they are not:
Quote: "We are marshalling our resources for a final push on TV."
Translation: The stations demand cash up front and we haven't got any money.

When asked about the latest charge by an opponent:
Quote: "This is another desperate attempt by my opponent to shift attention away from his failed campaign."
Translation: The charges are true.

When asked about another charge by an opponent:
Quote: "I won't dignify that with a response."
Translation: The charges are true and they have documentation.

When asked why you haven't agreed to debate your opponent:
Quote: "We are anxious to debate and are negotiating the final details..."
Translation: ...which we intend to complete the day after the election.

When asked about your inability to raise money:
Quote: "I am the people' candidate..."
Translation: I am the candidate of people without money.


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