Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mark Your Calendar

Here is a list of important dates upcoming in the election cycle. The first on is Tuesday, Aug. 1, which is when we will see of the various independent candidates got the 67,000-plus signatures they need to qualify for the November ballot.

Bob Warner has a status report on those efforts in the Daily News. His reading of the situation -- it looks bad for anti-pay-grab leader Russ Diamond's bid to run for governor. Carl Romanelli, the would-be Green Party U.S. Senate candidate, says he is optimistic he will reach his goal.

If Romanelli and Diamond do submit petitions, look for legal challenges to knock them off the ballot due to forged or incorrect signatures.

Conventional wisdom is that Diamond on the ballot would hurt Lynn Swann, while Romanelli on the ballot would hurt Bob Casey.

Important Campaign 2006 Dates
August 1Deadline for independents and minor parties
to file nominating petitions for candidates
to run in the General Election.
August 14Last day for candidates nominated in
the party primary elections to withdrawal.
September26Deadline for state candidates to file
campaign spending reports with the
state Election Bureau, listing money raised
and spent as of Sept. 18th
October 10Last day to register to vote
October 15Deadline for candidates for U.S. Senate
and Congress to file campaign finance
reports with the FEC, listing money raised
and spent as of Oct. 1
October27Final pre-election campaign finance
disclosure for state candidates.
November 7General Election


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Romanelli says he expects to have 100,000 signatures, but the deadline is a week away and he only has "50,000 or 60,000." The fact that they won't even give a straight number makes me thinking he's whistling past the graveyard here.

5:34 PM  
Blogger rasphila said...

August 1, the petition deadline, is only six days away as I write this (July 27). It's hard to see how Romanelli can get 40-50,000 signatures in six days. There are ways of doing this, of course, but these are illegal and would get the petition (which is bound to be scrutinized carefully) thrown out. I think anonymous is right.

I still think Romanelli's problems getting enough signatures show that, even if he manages to file a legal petition by the deadline, he will be a non-factor in the fall.

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dates are useful info. Please do the same for the mayoral election.

11:53 AM  

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