Monday, May 01, 2006

The Millionaires Club?

Turns out that Rick Santorum and Bob Casey Jr. have something in common.

Both are poor.

Poor, that is, compared to most in the U.S. Senate.

Borys Krawczeniuk of the Scranton Times took a look at the personal finances of the two candidates and came up with a portrait of (a) two guys who get most of their money from their salaries (b) have precious few holdings or other investments (c) look upper middle class on paper, but are probably poorer than most in that category because they have so many kids.

Santorum is the wealthier of the two because of his higher salary as a U.S. Senator ($165,000 a year), income from some three properties he owns in State College, Pa., and the fact that his house in Leesburg, Va. is valued at nearly $1 million. His latest financial disclosure is from 2004. He is due to file an update later this month.

Casey earns $134,140 as State Treasurer, owns a home in Scranton valued at $107,500, and has a portfolio of mutual funds that appear to be college-savings funds for his four daughters. His latest state financial disclosure form is from 2005.

I was going to mention that Casey's form could be found on the State Ethics Commission web site, but that would be wrong because I doubt anyone could actually find it.

It is one of the worst designed sites in the English-speaking world.


Blogger Dave Ralis said...

Fixing the state Ethics Commission's Web site represents three of my top 10 ways to fix Pennsylvania today.

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh boy Tom, wait until you see Lynn Swann's tax returns. Big $$$$.

2:15 PM  

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