Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Full Brenda Lee

What do you do when you are an incumbent congressman, behind in the polls, getting hammered by your opponent over an (admitted) extra-marital affair that includes an allegation (denied) of physical abuse?
You do a full Brenda Lee.

You apologize. You get on your knees (metaphorically, of course) and ask for forgiveness. You sing (ditto on the the metaphor)-- as Brenda did, in her plaintive, tearful voice: I'm Sorry
Or, as Brenda so aptly put it:

I'm sorry) I'm sorry
(So sorry) So sorry
Please accept my apology
But love is blind
And I was to blind to see
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, yes

Oh yes, indeed. This is what U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood did this week, with a mea maxima culpa TV ad that aired in Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District, which runs along the top of the state on the right-hand side of the Republican "T."

Here is a link to the Sherwood ad.

Sherwood's ad is in direct response to one aired by his Democratic opponent, Chris Carney, called "Father" which directly criticizes the incumbent for his sexual indiscretions. I blogged on this earlier.

This should be one of the safest Republican seats in the country -- it was re-apportioned to be one -- but Sherwood may be the most vulnerable GOP incumbent in the state.

If you parse Sherwood's message, he is posing an interesting question to voters in the 10th: Who do you want in Congress: an admitted philanderer who usually votes your way or a good family man who often won't vote your way?

Or as Brenda would say: Oh, oh, oh, oh,uh-oh...oh, yes


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