Monday, October 02, 2006

The Muted Earth Tones Gambit

The Casey and Santorum campaigns are up with new TV ads.
The Santorum one features the Senator back in an open-collar, earth-tone shirt (It looks like adobe to me, but others are better judges of such things.)
The ad is titled "Bicker" and it features Santorum talking straight into the camera, swearing to folks that he's fightin' for 'em day and night. He also takes a slap at Casey, calling him a "get-along-go-along" kind of guy. In my opinion, the ad may be trying to do too much -- bolster Santorum's image, while knocking down Casey's. Also, I am not privy to Santorum's internal polls, but I don't think there's enough time or money to reverse his image among swing voters. They guy has too much smirk in him to come across as a regular guy.
But, I guess they gotta try. They need to move the numbers for their guy.
Casey has a new ad called "Cards" that features him speaking in front of a crowd of extras, trying to convince them he's got cajones and won't be no stinkin' get-along-go-along guy in Washington.
(I wonder if the campaigns talk to each other about their upcoming ads? These two fit together like bookends.)
To be honest, I don't find Casey convincing as a tough guy and I don't find Santorum convincing as a regular guy (He smiles -- and smiles and smiles -- a lot in Bicker.)
In fact, the best ads done so far by the campaigns don't feature the candidates at all.
See Casey's ad "Behind" and Santorum's over-the-top "Corner Bar".


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